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Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack
Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack
Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack. Includes Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Billiard Pool Ball set 2 1/4" with Six Red Dots Pro-Cup Cue Ball, Aramith Micro-Fibre Cloth, Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner, Jim Rempe 2 1/4" Training Ball. What you get with the Aramith Tournament sets.

The Aramith Tournament set features the Duramith technology with its hi-tech engineered molecular structure enhancing drastically the longevity of the balls while minimizing significantly table cloth wear. With a life-time that exceeds up to 8 times that of the average polyester and phenol-like resins, reaching easily up to 40 years in residential use, Aramith ball sets are the logical choice for both the trade and the player. With its new Duramith formulation, the 4th generation Aramith 4 life products cross new boundaries, guaranteeing the lowest cost of ownership.

Specifically made for phenolic balls. Regular use of Aramith Ball Cleaner will keep your Aramith phenolic billiard balls polished and lustrous for years to come! For an optimal result, use the Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth.

Highly effective - Lasting Effect. Exclusive product designed for professional billiard ball maintenance. Ultra high absorption: absorbs 4x its weight in water, 8x its weight in grease. High cloth resistance: strong fibre with "w" anchorage within the textile structure; this velvet structure means no fibers will be lost on the ball surface.

Fiber thickness: 0.6 g/10.000 m insures excellent cleaning performance; even inside small surface defects or scratches. Great dimensional stability: no shrinkage after hot wash (60 C/140 F).

Aramith Jim Rempe Training Ball. 2-sided 21/4 training cue ball + 56-page instructions booklet in English, French and Spanish. For beginners and advanced players. Because only practice will make play better. Concept and design by Jim Rempe.

Has a beginner AND advanced player side to assist you in your progress. The two unique ball patterns will help you: See where to hit the cue ball for spin (English). Optimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion for a better position on the next shot. Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack specifications.

Box size : 14.5 " x 9.75" x 2.5. Box Gross weight: 8 lb. For several decades Belgian Aramith Billiard balls have enjoyed a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and uncompromised quality.

Used by almost 80% of players worldwide, they are recognised as the reference of the industry. Made by Saluc in Belgium, Aramith excellence is the result of a high-tech process that combines the unmatched characteristics of phenolic resin with fine Belgian craftsmanship.

Their consistently reliable performance guarantees players the pleasure of razor-sharp precision. Their exceptionally long product life offers the table owner the lowest ball cost on an annual basis.

That is how Aramith for almost half a century gained its legendary reputation as signature for true and unrivalled quality. Here is why : Extra long life - Properly used and maintained with the Aramith ball cleaner, the Aramith balls will last at least five times longer than any other balls. (UP TO 40 YEARS in case of home use) - Very strong & scratch resistant - Withstands over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than other balls - Less white marks on your cloth - Resists at the friction temperature of 482F/ 250C when the ball slips into motion!

+ No flat spots on the ball! - Optimal rebound The unique elasticity of the phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound which allows a perfect control of every shot. The ultimate in balance - The perfect homogeneity of the material in plain balls as well as in numbered balls guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll - Worldwide endorsement: Professional players and federations worldwide have exclusively selected the Aramith balls.

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  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Ball size: 2 1/4\
  • Types of Billiard Games: Pool
  • Player level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
  • Product Type: Pool Balls
  • Model: Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Belgium
  • MPN: AR1070
  • Brand: Aramith
  • Recommended Use: Billiard or Cue Sports
  • UPC: 4627149038006

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack